In a move that echoed from Washington DC to Boise, Idaho, Starbucks has announced that they will rescind their vaccination mandate for all of their workers. What that means for Idaho Starbucks locations is that Idahoans will not have to choose between serving their favorite cappuccino or the unemployment line. Idaho was one of several states that joined in a lawsuit suing the Biden Administration's vaccine mandate.  

The Seattle-based coffee giant sent a memo to all employees saying that they would comply with the Supreme Court ruling that the Biden Vaccination Mandate was unconstitutional, reports the Associated Press.  The company had given employees till February 9th to comply.  

In Idaho, vaccine mandates have been a point of contention between the medical community, elected officials, and community members. In a memo to employees in Idaho and across the nation, the company urged its workers to wear surgical grade masks and not wear cloth masks at work. 

One longtime Starbucks customer told us, "as a customer of Starbucks; I believe that they should have the choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate. They already have their lobbies shut; you can't go inside. I believe it's none of my business to know whether they're vaccinated or not vaccinated."

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The Associated Press reported that the company believes that up to ninety percent of its employees are vaccinated. No word on how many Idaho Starbucks employees are vaccinated or not vaccinated.  

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