Unlike many of us, the Idaho State Police, will be out in force this weekend to keep you safe during the busy holiday weekend. This weekend will be one of the most active for Idahoans traveling to visit friends and relatives. The ISP will be working with other police departments to help keep drivers aware and alert while traveling throughout our state.

Could we see a record year for travel?


The ISP has issued a release reminding folks that they expect travel to rival or perhaps exceed pre-pandemic levels.  Last year, shutdowns and limited capacity kept most Idahoans at home.  2020 was a challenging year for both hotels, restaurants,  and local store as most folks stayed home.

"We'll likely see heavy traffic all weekend, and chances are, a good number of those vehicles will be people traveling to join family or friends for Thanksgiving. Those families are precious cargo, and they're counting on all of us behind the wheel to pay attention to our driving," said ISP Lt. Sam Ketchum.

"The best thing we can do for each other is to stay alert, drive sober, be patient, and buckle up. And if possible, travel a little earlier or later to avoid the heaviest traffic times."

AAA says that holiday travel could be up over 13% from last year. That estimate includes all methods of traveling. The organization recommends leaving early before the holiday and getting a head start on returning home before the massive traffic rush. On the other hand, most experts expect our streets to be relatively traffic-free if you're staying home for the holidays. Areas around big box stores and malls will be the exception.

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