Idaho has a reputation as a Conservative state. Some folks call the Gem State 'the reddest of the red' when describing the political climate in Idaho. The state is so attractive to Conservatives that some real estate companies are explicitly targeting like-minded individuals in liberal states. 

The movement is so significant that companies specialize in moving you out of a liberal state. The LA Times looks at several real estate companies in Northern Idaho that want Conservatives to live in their town. One of the companies that profiled is 'Flee the City.' The group consists of Conservatives who will help you relocate, improve your home defenses, and help you build a bunker, among other services offered. You can research their services here. 


Many Idahoans that live in the Treasure Valley have complained that too many California liberals have moved into the area ruining Idaho's Conservative Values. The Northern Idaho Conservative movement has been profiled by VICE Television.  You can see the preview of the show below.

Wanna Getaway?

Another company that is mentioned by the LA Times is Conservative Move. The company will set you up with a real estate agent, moving company, and anything else you'd need to get out of the loony liberal left states.  Conservatives have begun to answer the cancel culture by creating their own web sites, stores, like Black Rifle Coffee.

Years ago, Idaho was the country's best kept Conservative secret.  However, the state's popularity has driven up the cost of home ownership.  Conservatives are coming to Idaho, although Gem State home ownership isn't cheap.

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