Every single year, it's the same question: Can alcohol be sold during games? Boise State, University of Idaho and Idaho State University are asking this question.

The decision will be made by the end of today as to whether or not alcohol can be sold during football games. If so, there will be designated places to buy said alcohol. University of Idaho has "Fan Zone" where alcohol would be sold and here at Boise State, the Caven-Williams Sports Complex just before games.

This is where it really focuses on us and tailgating. Are you ready?

Clarification will be requested when it comes to people (us) bringing our own alcoholic beverages to tailgate parties. I don't know what the result of this will mean but I know that money is made by selling tailgate spots and we all show up hours before the game to make sure that spot is full and vibrant. Personal opinion, here: I would imagine the amount of fans tailgating before a game would significantly decrease if it was an alcohol-free zone. That's just speculation.

If the request is granted, the universities would be able to allow alcohol sales at a few specific locations - such as UI's "Fan Zone" and Boise State's Caven-Williams Sports Complex - before games.

The request will need to be submitted on a yearly basis. Last year (not to jinx it), a similar request was denied.

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