I can't even imagine telling an officer this with a straight face.

Where our office is on Parkcenter, we're surrounded by deer.  If I was late for work one day because I hit one on the way in, I doubt Kekeluv would be surprised.  But if I used this excuse? He'd never believe me.

Last week, a woman was traveling on US Highway 95 in Northern Idaho when she hit a deer.  When she reported the crash to the Latah County Sheriff's office, she told them she was distracted by a Sasquatch in her rear view mirror.  She said the creature was chasing another deer on the side of the road and when she took a second to do a double take, the second deer ran out in front of her moving vehicle.

According to Channel 2, the creature she saw was 7-8 feet tall. The sheriff's department couldn't find any evidence that the Sasquatch was in the area.

This isn't the first Bigfoot spotting in Latah County.  In 2005, someone claimed to have seen a large dark colored Sasquatch nursing a smaller, younger, lighter colored creature while sitting on a hill. After they got up and walked across the field, witnesses saw crushed grass and large footprints. Two years before that sighting, someone reported seeing a tall dark green and black figure walk across the road in just two strides.  The witnesses described it as shaggy with hair covering what they assumed was it's face.  A few days later, the witness ran into a woman at a doctor's office that said that several people had seen a similar creature around the same time.

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