Have you ever seen a friend out in public and called out to them, only to realize it's a complete stranger? It's an awful feeling. They look at you like you just put a hex on their firstborn, and you end up feeling like a complete dummy. It's happened to the best of us.

Have you ever tried to run someone over with your car, only to realize it's a complete stranger? No? Well then, prepare yourself for the absolute worst "wrong place at the wrong time" story of all time.

A 39-year-old Idaho Falls woman has been charged with two felonies, because she ran over a stranger with her car in a gas station parking lot. The woman claims she mistook the victim for someone she knew, and that was her sole reasoning for running over said person with a 3,000 pound death machine.

A detective on the scene elaborates on what happened:

(The victim) was struck by the vehicle and stayed on the ground after being struck. The vehicle then backed up, and drove east through the parking lot, and exited the parking lot at the intersection of Easy Street and Woodruff.

The victim says after he was struck by the vehicle, the criminal drove off, leaving him there with two broken feet.

Well well, can you top that story? If you have a "wrong place at the wrong time" tale that compares to this one, let us know on Facebook. Because if you're able to one-up this tragic saga, we're absolutely dying to hear your story.

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