This is American Idol! Go ahead and cue Idol music. That's what I think of when AI comes up in conversation. That is until Logan Thompson made Katy Perry gush on this year's brand new episodes.

Logan crushed it during all the qualification rounds, Hollywood, and his duets round with Julia Michales in his Hawaii performance. This guys dream was coming true thanks to his brother's suggestion to try out.

Fast forward and I heard shouts from listeners, "Logan! Logan!" The top 20 contestants were being recognized before I got the chance to say hi. Logan's bright smile is infectious and his sound delicate. Logan greeted some fans, dropped a few interviews and gave his fans a quick live performance.

This is just a quick snapshot of what he did on Idol during his live performance in Hawaii. Logan would advance and get eliminated in the duets round.

I personally love Katy Perry's reaction in this video. Logan isn't a polished artist with a big record label to boost is popularity. This Boise kid works at a golf shop by the mall and sings for fun. This was his duet round with Julia Michaels.

This dude is super cool and hopefully gets a shot. Come out to Cycle to Break the Cycle on Saturday, April 20. Logan plans on coming out again to meet his fans and play a few songs. Follow us on Instagram for more information on timing.

Looks like Logan will be making an appearance after 2:15 P.M.

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