Have you gotten a new Idaho Driver's License lately? Have you by chance noticed something a little bit...off about it?

You're not the only one. Concerned Redditors are raising the red flag, claiming that Idaho has made a subtle change to the new Driver's License, and citizens are not at all happy about it.

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So, if you have that new Idaho Driver's License on hand, play with it a little bit. Slap it against your hand. Twiddle it with your fingers.

Notice anything? You're not alone.

Redditors online have pointed out that the new Driver's Licenses being issued by the state of Idaho are definitely...less than:

Just got a new license and I’m so confused as to why it’s thinner and has way fewer security measures?? Ik that the design is periodically changed because of counterfeiting but this seems so easy to fake. It honestly SEEMS fake. I don’t understand why they’d downgrade the quality so noticeably. I also noticed the photo quality on mine is way worse, but I figure that could just be my DMV. I’m just wondering why they’d go from the old design, which was great, to something with about as many security measures as a high school activity card.


What do you think? Have you noticed your new Idaho Driver's License is a little more flimsy than your previous one? Is the actual printing quality on it sub-par? If this isn't an isolated incident, this could turn into something big.


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