It was announced yesterday that the FDA and U.S. government are officially banning Juul and their vape products from retailers all over the United States – effective immediately. 

While we do not personally vape ourselves, we certainly know many people that do and they are not too happy about this decision.



Why did they ban Juul?

This decision was made in an effort to reduce the amount of vaping among school-aged children.

More than 2 million youths use tobacco in the United States, and their most popular method is e-cigarettes.

And this has simply become more prevalent over the last few years, as vapes have drastically grown in popularity.

The government believes that many of these kids wouldn’t have otherwise been introduced to tobacco this early in their lives if it wasn’t for e-cigarettes, so they decided to take action.


How do Idahoans feel about it?

The results are pretty mixed so far, to be honest. 

  • It seems like the majority of people agree that vaping among teenagers is not good, and something should be done about it. Perhaps vapes should be illegal under a certain age group, instead of banning Juul's altogether?
  • Some people believe that e-cigarettes are one of the worst things to happen within the United States, because it has simply made tobacco more desirable, lucrative and popular. 
  • Many people do not believe it should be illegal for everyone, and that vaping is a great alternative to regular cigarettes. 
  • And finally, some people believe that this is simply not enough. Why are Juul’s the only thing being banned?

However, regardless of your opinion, Juul’s will be pulled from stores immediately and it will be interesting to see what the ramifications of this decision will be.


Here are some initial reactions from Idahoans:



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