If you're looking for some of the finest caramel in the world, you need not leave the state.

The small town of Rigby (just north of Idaho Falls) is home to The Caramel Tree, which ships caramel treats all over the world. The Caramel Tree was started by Chris Merrill, who originally started selling fudge a decade ago, but is now slinging some of the best caramel money can buy.

They have the usual, like caramel pieces and caramel apples, but Merrill and his staff are doing so much more than that. You can enjoy caramel dipped cake bites, Oreo cookies covered in caramel, or one of their most popular items: Caramel covered pretzels. Want them specially made in colors to match your wedding? They can do that too.

If you can't make the long trip from Boise to Rigby to try some of The Caramel Tree's treats for yourself, don't worry, you can buy everything they carry in store online.

If you do make it to Rigby, make sure to check out the Jefferson County Museum in Rigby, home to one of the first television tubes ever made. Philo Taylor Farnsworth, who many cite as one of the inventors of the television.




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