It's stressful just trying to get through the day in 2024. We get it. But is paying to cuddle with a stranger the solution to all of life's woes in todays' day and age?

We all love cuddling. Having someone else touch you, embrace you, and hold you tight is just the ultimate yum. There's no better feeling. However, you have to wonder if those wonderful feelings lose their luster when the person dishing them out is a stranger in a strange place.

Is Idaho ready for Communal Cuddling Spaces? Scroll Down

Does Idaho Want Public Cuddling Spaces?

Would you be willing to pay your hard-earned money to cuddle with a stranger?

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What do you think? Would you pay to cuddle with someone in a safe, public space? Would you be able to shred all your stress while being clung to tightly by someone you barely know? Or would having your entire being embraced by a person you just met moments ago actually adding on more stress? We're curious to see what you think.


Maybe you don't want to pay to be cuddling. Maybe it's just too hot as a whole for you, and you imagine yourself being in a much cooler place. If that's the case, you may want to be privy to the eight cities Idahoans are relocating to due to climate change:

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While 'Climate Change' will always be a highly debated topic in American politics--a recent survey says Idahoans are moving to these five cities because of it. Check them out, below:

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Oh no. Did you cuddle a little too hard and now your hair is a mess? Don't worry. These kinds of things happen. Fear not! Here are five of our favorite spots in Boise when you're having a 5-alarm hair emergency:

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