It's a thing, Idaho has a "favorite" Christmas Candy. If you had asked me to name some Christmas candies, I don't think I could name more than a candy cane and those sugary looking dots that people put on ginger bread houses.

Well, apparently put in the footwork on a survey to narrow down every states favorite Christmas candy and some of the results are surprising. Not because of what the candy is, but because....I didn't know a lot of these were considered a holiday candy. Take for example, Arkansas, with Starbursts being their top candy. I eat those year round!

Idaho of course is on the list and I'm not mad at the result...I guess that's why I love Idaho so much after all. Our top candy right here in the gem state? M&M's, followed by Hershey Kisses--both are two of my favorite candies and favorite chocolates!

You can check out the entire list, HERE.

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