Ahhhh Valentine's Day. Love is in the air. Flowers are blooming. And Idahoans are chowing down on the worst possible choice for a romantic candy. But why?

Candystore.com has listed all 50 states' favorite Valentine's Day candy for 2022, and from coast to coast, most of them are predictable.

Oregon's favorite Valentine's Day candy is M&M's. Which makes sense. They're delicious, chocolate is amazing, and their characters are super cute.

Our neighbors in Washington? They prefer a heart-shaped box of chocolates. Same with Michigan, Tennessee, North Carolina and Nevada. Just like Forrest Gump. Who has impeccable taste.

Even folks in Utah (who we're surprised came to such a normal consensus) are onboard with chocolate, choosing Hershey Kisses as their go-to romance snack.

Now, onto the Gem State.

The good news is, Idaho didn't pick some stupid ironic potato candy as their favorite for Valentine's. We've already heard the jokes. They're terrible. Say less.

Idaho's actual favorite Valentine's Day candy is...candy hearts.

You know the ones with sayings on them that are always misprinted or misspelled? Yes. Those. Those chalky, tiny lame candies that have been around since 1741* (we're guessing) and only available at the checkout counter. Those.

Before we fight on Facebook, I'd challenge you to procure a box of candy hearts. Try to eat four or more at a time, and enjoy the entire movie Dune playing out in your mouth. They're extremely dry.

But more importantly, they're not chocolate. If candy hearts are considered more of a delicacy then chocolate, we don't want to live on this planet anymore.

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