Couldn't you swear you had saved up just enough money to buy that cute Barbie hairband you saw on Instagram? Then why all of the sudden are you out of money? That's because gasoline in Idaho, and Boise in particular, is expensive af again.

You're not just imagining things. As of yesterday, July 31st, we are paying more per gallon at gas stations in Idaho than we have in quite a long time. Yes, we're going through in Idaho yet again.

Gas prices have gone up three cents in just the last seven days. That may not seem like a big dent in your finances, but a few cents here or there means your total bill at the pump could be going up significantly.

AAA Idaho public affairs director Matthew Conde has the inside scoop on why we're getting the short end of the stick at the pump:

So far this year, Idaho’s state average hasn’t hit $4 per gallon, but that could change in the coming weeks. If gasoline demand and crude oil remain high, or if a hurricane makes landfall near a major refinery, there’s a chance that the highest pump prices of the year are yet to come.

Currently, Coeur d'Alene has the highest gas prices in Idaho, landing at $3.99 per gallon. Boise is right behind at $3.89 per gallon.


Just be careful that, you know, you don't roll your car on its side while you're going to fill up. Or you may end up in a gallery on this website.

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