If you're reading this article, you clearly have decent internet in Idaho. Hooray! That's worth celebrating, right? You can read all your favorite articles, look at pictures of celebrities you haven't thought of since 2002, and continue to try to log in to your old Myspace page to try and salvage some pictures.

Having internet is great. Too bad Idaho has some of the worst access to the internet in the entire country.

You read that right. Just because your speeds are blazing doesn't mean everyone in the Gem State gets to enjoy watching Chrissy Wake Up on loop like you do.

Here's the story. 91.4% of all Idahoans have regular internet access. It sounds great, right? It is, until you consider that means 154,684 people in Idaho don't have access to the internet. That's over 150,000 people who can't watch Corn Kid over and over and over to their heart's content. We thought this was America? An America where all citizens are free to indulge on Corn Kid as often as they'd like.

Connecticut, by comparison, has less than half a percent of its population without access to the world wide web. The state that has the absolute worst internet situation is definitely Wyoming, where around 10% of its citizens can't access the internet.

Do you feel like this accurately captures the online situation in Idaho? Do you ever have issues accessing the internet, and if so, where do you live? Let's get together on Facebook and see if we can't connect the dots on this story.

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