I came across a BuzzFeed article that was suggested for me today on Facebook and while it's from 2016--somehow, I've never seen this. I noticed that this went live last December so I'm willing to bet, in 2017 we'll have a new list. That said-- I want to get ahead of the curve and ask what YOUR guess for the most popular Idaho Instagram post is.

As for the results we DO have...Idaho's most Instagrammed place? BYU-Idaho. Located in Rexburg, Idaho (population 25,000), the school which has 23,000 students enrolled on-campus according to it's website and somehow is Idaho's Instagram favorite!

I've never been to BYU-Idaho, or Rexburg for that matter, but no offense...maybe BuzzFeed just picked a less than flattering photo to include in their article.

See the full article that lists all 50 states, HERE.

If I had to guess, not only statistically (with a population of 223,000), I would assume the State Capitol Building here in Boise--or even the skyline from the Boise Train Depot, would be our top result.

Which Idaho landmark would you guess is Idaho's most Instagrammed?

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