One local user of Boise's reddit forum wrote about a year ago: "this will be the best day of my life".

They were speaking about the rumored and eventual grand opening of Wienerschnitzel--a popular fast food chain that allegedly serves up some really great hot dogs.

The Treasure Valley has grown a lot over the years--especially in the last decade. If you've lived here for more than 10-years, odds are you can remember well when business parks were fields and tall buildings were parking lots.

With this influx in population has also come an influx in new business. The mania surrounding our new In-N-Out location was unlike anything we've ever seen--but they weren't the only food chain to appear in the area with cult-like national followings.

Have you experienced Wienerschnitzel before? 

A Closer Look at Meridian's New Home for Wieners

Opinions seem polarizing when it comes to what's happening in Meridian--their highly anticipated arrival of Wienerschnitzel

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

What are your thoughts on the drama!?

A lot of people have strong opinions on expectations and they certainly have a point. If you're going through a drive-thru, no matter how large or popular the chain, one shouldn't really expect the best meal of their lives, right? To that point, folks seem to be sharing a lot of photos of the food, suggesting it looks nothing like what is on the menu. Let's be honest: isn't that the case at EVERY drive-thru!?

More than anything, we hope that the Treasure Valley will continue to be patient with the restaurant. It's easy to attack the chain while also forgetting that the good people working there are hard-working Treasure Valley residents.  Be kind, be patient, and let us know what you think about their wieners!

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