Did you play with a Mr. Potato Head growing up? Maybe your kids has one of the character theme ones that started coming out in the early 2000s. The classic toy has been around for decades upon decades, (more about the starting and history below). Since it's start Mr. Potato Head has gone through quite a few changes and this year it is going gender neutral.

Yup, no more Mr., Mr. The massive toy brand Hasbro, who makes them announced new branding. From now on the toy will just be Potato Head. All packaging, boxes and branding will reflect this shift. The company is hoping this will widen the appeal to children and families more. According to MSN Hasbro is also coming out with a "Create Your Potato Head Family. This kit will include two adult size Potatos with a potato baby and plenty of accessories to make the parents and the baby however you want.

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The history behind (Mr.) Potato Head is laid out quite nicely from the Idaho Potato Museum. Here is a little recap:
in the 1920s and 30s George Lerner as a child would take potatoes from his moms garden and using little cuts of fruits or other veggies he made facial features and would give it to his little sisters to play with. Adorable. Fast forward to George as an adult and he wanted to try and sell the concept.

His first attempt was in the late 1940s and it did not go well. Just a few years later he tired again in 1951, this time with a small school supply and toy business called Hassenfeld Brothers. Seeing the genius in the uniqueness of it the brothers were on board and bought the rights for $5,000.  They changed the name to Mr. Potato Head and the rest is history. You may have guessed by now that Hassenfeld Brothers, later shortened their name to Hasbro, one of the leading toy generators in the world.

Since that the Mr. Potato Head has evolved in size and accessories many times including themed Potatoes like a King, Santa, Princess and Fireman. Now there will be even more additions available but with the new branded name 'Potato Head'.


Here is an updated story from one of our sister websites (thefw.com) with pictures of what new packaging will look like. Check it out here...


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