HBO Max is here, and it's not only the stuff you're used to getting from HBO, but it's also stuff from TCM and DC. As I was exploring, I was surprised to find the connection between the most famous superhero and the Gem State.

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The Man of Steel himself, Superman, has a link to the state of Idaho. In Superman II, It was the small town of Huston, Idaho, where Zod, Ursa, and Non first used their power on Earth. This led to the President of the United States handing over power to the evil General Zod. Huston, Idaho, was virtually destroyed.

When you saw this movie for the first time, you may have thought that Huston was a made-up place, but it's real! Huston is in unincorporated Canyon County and good news, it was never destroyed.

Unfortunately, in the movie, Superman was never able to save the Idaho town. See it for yourself in Superman II, now streaming on HBO Max.

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