As you know from following me on Instagram or listening to me on the radio, I love cars and by cars I mean cars and trucks. there are a lot of people in the car community that are die hard one brand types. I've heard people say "Mopar or no car" or Chevy only, Ford stands for found on road dead. Me, I don't discriminate, I own Volkswagen             ( German), Mazda ( Japanese ), Chevrolet ( American ) and I also own a few trucks which is why I'm so excited about this weekend.

208 Garage is kicking of the month of August this Saturday August 1st with the biggest truck show and meet Idaho has ever seen. This event is gonna be so big that it's taking place at The Idaho Ford Center In Nampa. Exactly how big is the event going to be, the last time I looked there was 6.5k people interested in going according to the facebook invite. There will be vendors, food, music and giveaways but the best part is that this meet is open to all trucks. Lifted, lowered, import, domestic and even homemade trucks are all welcomed. Show starts at 10am and will go through 5pm. Get your tickets at Eventbrite or by listening to KISS-FM Friday at noon.

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