I'm guilty on both counts... one.. I moved here from another state years ago so... I'm not a native and two... I'm one of the many people that complain about Californians and others moving here. I'm sure you can relate at least on one count. Yes we all love our little corner of the world but lets face it, we've been discovered.

"There's a lot of people who have a negative viewpoint of our growth here and unfortunately, that negative sentiment of anti-growth is about as useful as someone taking their hand to a waterfall and saying, 'Stop,'" owner Jeff Wills said in a ktvb interview. "The waterfall is going to happen regardless and the growth is going to happen regardless as well."

You might of received or seen the bright #Idahug magnets on cars around the valley and wondered what the story is behind them.

"The reason we made them magnets is if you get one of these, we want you to pass it along to the next person with an out-of-state license plate or share the image online with someone else from out of state," Wills told ktvb.

At some point we all have to come to terms with the fact that people are going to move here from other places just like we did. If you're a native maybe you should take it as a compliment and welcome people with open arms, maybe they will reciprocate and help us make Boise and the surrounding areas be the best Idahome ever.


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