There's a small group of very vocal folks who would like to see drag performances banned throughout the state of Idaho. If you're a cis-gendered man who dresses like a woman, you got it right: They want you to never be able to do that ever again.

Why? It's honestly been too difficult to find a single person who can provide a logical answer without screaming in all caps or quoting something they heard from the same people who believe in gay frogs.

Either way, a few Idahoans want drag banned throughout the state. That got us to thinking...would that cover other performances where men dress as women but it's...not drag?

What about a play? Men have played the parts of women (and vice versa) for centuries, but for some odd reason, the woke mind virus wasn't a thing back then. Guess it's a problem now.

What about cosplay? Gender-bending has been around forever. Perhaps you're a man who's a big fan of a female DC comics character. If you dress like her, would this proposed "ban" apply to you as well? What if you're a woman dressed like Superman? To take it a step further, if a person identifies as transgender, how does that work?

Actually, don't answer that. No time. I need to go wrap up the finishing touches on my male-to-female Jubilee costume from X-Men. You want to see? Too bad. Can't show you this super cool costume if it's been banned from existence! Oh well.

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