As Americans, we have the privilege of enjoying freedom of speech. That means, we're free to say what we want, even if someone else doesn't like it. Whether you love that or loathe it, that's the truth.

But does a social media platform have the right to track you for what you type?

We're asking because in the comments section, it gets heated from time to time. Some folks who don't care for Californians relocating to Idaho have used the term "Commiefornia" more often than you'd think. We're not here to get into the definition of the slang term, why people are using it, or even our thoughts about it. Again, freedom of speech.

However, it should be noted that if you've typed "Commiefornia" in a comment on Facebook, whether it be on your phone or a computer, Meta (Facebook's parent company) is tracking you online. Don't take our word for it, ask Forbes.

Facebook uses targeted ad tracking to serve you ads that they believe you'll enjoy, or at least have some interest in seeing. So don't be surprised if you get ads for "Visit California" or "Seven Communist Secrets You Didn't Know Exist" popping up on your feed. It's not a conspiracy. It's not government interference. It's Facebook trying to make a buck getting specific ads in front of you.

tl;dr If you type something on the internet, you'll see more of that thing pop up. If you don't want to see things on your phone, don't search for those things.


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