It's pretty well established that I'll try any fad. I was the first in the office to own a shake weight and twirl a fidget spinner. Lately, I've been all about fad ways to lose weight and feel better.

Earlier this year, I researched the Whole 30 diet and completed it. In a way, it was that experience that got me to where I'm at today. The Whole 30 diet changed my view of how food can impact every aspect of your life. During the journey, my mood/attitude improved as well as my sleep. I shed about 20 pounds (mostly water weight) and just felt good like a clean fire was burning inside of me. The only problem, once the 30 days was up, I went back to my old ways of carbs and sugars. I kept some habits like drinking LaCroix, but a sweetened coffee and Starbucks bagel with cream cheese was the norm to kick off my day. The pounds slowly crept back on, and a slow, sluggish feeling absorbed my body. I could noticeably feel the bad foods I chose to put in my body. It took 5 months of this but I finally found the motivation to change.

I came across a Netflix documentary called The Magic Pill. It proposes that we as humans functioned on a high-fat low carb diet and that's what our bodies were made to run on. Now, it's fair to say there a lot of videos on YouTube debunking that theory and points out the dangers of a Keto diet. And that's why I want to try it. Over the next 30 day's I'm going to attempt the Keto diet and report my unbiased results, findings, and feelings. Cheers!

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