Like Tawsha, I normally think that New Year's Resolutions are cliche and often fall apart because life gets in the way but after a challenging 2015, there are some things I will absolutely make a point to do in 2016...

Obviously, I'm always striving to be better at my job at 103.5 KISS FM so improving myself at work goes without saying but these are my personal goals for the year.

Be Present

I'm a perfectionist and maybe a little OCD at times.  2015 brought a lot of challenges that I couldn't find doable resolutions for and I would obsess over them until the point of exhaustion.  My mind was always running and it often took me out of being mentally present with my friends, family and boyfriend.  I also accepted that other people's priorities and responsibilities were more important than mine.  In 2016, I will be more present in the lives of the people closest to me and be fully immersed in the time I get to spend with them.  I need to refuse to feel guilty about disconnecting from my phone and social media to enjoy that time.

Read More Books

I quietly laughed to myself as I bought my copy of "Fifty Shades Freed" at Hastings last night.  I laughed because I know realistically, even if I start the book today, I probably won't finish it until next Christmas.  The plane ride between Boise and Pittsburgh seems to be the only time that I feel like I have to read, but it was so kindly pointed out to me that if it was something I wanted to do and enjoy, I'd make time with for it.  And so I am.  I have a quiet goal of how many books that I'd like to read, so I'm open to suggestions of what I MUST read in 2016!

Run A Race A Month

Someone once said "People ask why I run. I say, 'If you have to ask, you will never understand.'"  2015 reunited me with my first love, running.  It's impossible for me to put into words why it means so much to me. It could be any multitude off things. The unique feeling of the runner's high.  The fact that no one's opinion matters when it comes to how good you are: you run the time/distance or you don't...period. It allows me to enjoy the beauty of the Treasure Valley in a way that others are missing out on.  But most importantly, I think it's the people I meet because I run.  I've witnessed the courage of cancer survivors who went from thinking their diagnosis was a death sentence to running a 26.2 mile marathon.  I've been awed by a nine year old girl who runs ultramarathons for no other reason than she thinks they're fun.  I just met a woman who's been paralyzed since 2014 because of a car accident and her fight with lupus.  She received a new type of leg brace that allowed her to take her first natural feeling steps in years on December 21st and I watched her successfully complete a 5K just five days later. Having the opportunity to be around incredible humans like these is what keeps bringing me back to the start line.  I would like to do a race a month in 2016 whether it be walking someone's first 5K with them at Race for the Cure, taking off the game face for some fun at the Insane Inflatable 5K or finishing a fourth full marathon.

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