By now, you’ve probably heard the news that In-N-Out will be opening a second location in the Treasure Valley. Thanks to records on the website for the City of Boise, we know that the 3,885 square foot location will be located at 140 N. Milwaukee St.

This has me wondering… being that In-N-Out is strongly associated with California, does this mean Idahoans and Californians can finally call a truce? We’re not saying that this second In-N-Out location is what defines the entire state of California but it does show that there is something good that can come out of California… doesn’t it?

I moved to Idaho from Texas to accept this job here in Boise and no matter where I go, when I tell Boise locals that I am not from here, there’s a solid chance that a sigh of relief follows when it’s revealed that I am not from California. So, why is everyone excited about In-N-Out getting a second location?

What are we doing, Idaho? Can we decide which side of the fence we’re on? With as much hate that California gets, it seems a bit peculiar to me that the Idahoans that are so against California are the same people who will be the first in line when In-N-Out opens in Boise.

What we should be doing, is taking this In-N-Out location as an olive branch. Think about it. What better way to mend the relationship between Idaho and California than through the power of an In-N-Out burger? It only makes sense if we’re going to welcome a California staple such as In-N-Out with open arms then we should consider treating, I don’t know, say, human beings coming to Idaho with equal or better love? Surely, a human being coming to Idaho for a better life has more worth and value than California’s signature burger… right?

Now, if it were Whataburger coming to the Treasure Valley, we wouldn’t be having this discussion and everyone would be happy. Why? Because Whataburger is better than In-N-Out in every way and all it does is fill people with joy, love, and the best tasting burger in the entire country. So, if we’re still confused about how to feel about California because of In-N-Out, maybe we should push a bit harder for Whataburger so we don’t wind up in this mess again.

What do you think?

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