You love Aunt Becky, but do you really want to see sixty pictures in a row of her cat? Here's how you can avoid her photos and avoid some drama.

You know how on Facebook, you can still be friends with someone but 'unfollow' them so they don't show up your feed anymore? Instagram is adding that same feature, and it's an absolute life-saver.

Users have been requesting this 'mute' feature for a while and seeing as Facebook now owns Instagram, they're caving. Instagram says they'll be rolling out the feature to both iPhones and Android devices in the coming weeks.

The premise is simple: 'Muting' someone prevents their posts from showing up in your feed, but you remain friends with them on Instagram. Word is there will also be an option to mute their Instagram stories from showing up at the top of your feed as well. If you mute someone, you'll still be able to see all their posts and recent stories by clicking on their profile.

Sorry Aunt Becky, but your cat is ugly. I love you, but I could do with way less of your cat.

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