Have you ever been on a looking at a map and had to stop to verify that the town name  you're seeing is actually there? The surprise on ones face when you drive across a city limit sign that says welcome to (insert the most interesting name you can think of here) is priceless and Idaho is not exempt to interesting, funny or plain and simply weird town names. These are some of my favorites and a bit of wiki history about them.


  1. Bone,IdahoBone was founded by Orion Yost Bone, who opened the first Bone Store in the early 1900s.  Bone was the last community in Idaho to receive telephone service, which it did not get until 1982. Bone Road is also known as Idaho's loneliest road
  2. Dickshooter, Idaho- Dickshooter was named for Dick Shooter, a pioneer settler. The community is between Battle Creek and Deep Creek. The area is popular for its year-round recreational activities, which include hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, swimming.
  3. Gross, Idaho - Ruth Gross was the Post Mistress when the Post Office was set up in her home and when they asked for a town name submissions hers came out on top.
  4. Slickpoo, Idaho - In an article on history.Idaho.gov it states this:
    “Josiah Slickpoo provided a Mission Creek site somewhat isolated from Presbyterian missionary activities, and construction was completed by September 8, 1874. ” You want to name a town after yourself...donate the land.
  5. Good Grief, Idaho - This town was made famous by the 70's TV show Hee Haw. Apparently Paul Springs bought the town without telling his wife and when she found out all she could say was "Good Grief" the town has been known as such since then.



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