You have a group of friends who are great. They love you through your awful decisions and your great decisions. Right now, they're not about that guy you're with and have told you that he can't come over to your house. That's the situation our Intern Jordy is in right now. Who does she choose?

On Wednesday morning, we are having an "Intern-vention" with Intern Jordy.

Lemme introduce you to Jordy. She's 21 years old and a Boise State student. She's going to rule our PR world one day or be the lead of some marketing firm - for now, though, we get to live through Jordy's life and her current drama.

Jordy has been seeing a guy off and on. He's not the commitment type. We know this because her roommates are not about that life. They have told him that he can't come into the house. They've told her to stay away from him because he's hurt her before.

Now comes the situation of friends vs. boyfriends. If it comes down to it, Jordy chooses friends every time. We will hear the whole story on Wednesday morning when one of Jordy's roommates comes in and explains the whole thing - including why the guy isn't welcome in the house anymore.

Jordy outside


Have you ever chosen the boy over the friends (knowing that it is right) and had it work out?

We're talking about all of this over margaritas for National Margarita Day.

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