Oh, the drama. The internet never fails to miss the opportunity for a debate--sometimes over politics, other times over silly things: like stickers.

Yes, the internet is debating stickers and rules that apply to them today-- especially here in Idaho.

You may recall that earlier in the year, we shared with the you insane "auction" that took place surrounding one particular "Welcome to Idaho" sign. The Idaho Department of Transportation actually removed the sign because it had been taken over by too many stickers.

There were so many stickers on this sign, it became nearly impossible to read any of it. While most would have assumed the sign pointless, it was posted up to a public auction website...and it sold, for big money! One lucky bidder won the sign for $11,200!

While the storyline around this "stickered up" Idaho sign is fun-- it's less than ideal for workforce and cost expenses, so now, there is a new protocol.

Now, the Idaho Transportation Department is actually encouraging folks to stop (safely, on the side of the road) and leave their stickers behind on the NEWLY installed sign that is blank and shaped like Idaho.

You can see what the new setup will look like, below: 

Credit: Idaho Transportation Department
Credit: Idaho Transportation Department

We actually love the concept, but everyone has a different idea about it.

No, the signs aren't blue because of political reasons...they're just blue because that's what color Idaho's road signs are. You can also read a whole lot of support for the sign, which hopefully will be auctioned off for a great cause!

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