We know that folks in the Treasure Valley LOVE their pets. Just last week a local rescue cat made the cut as the star in an international commercial. Now, a Caldwell rescue cat is turning into a viral sensation!

Let's take a look at the cat that is capturing hearts all across the Treasure Valley and the internet!

Meet Biscuit, Caldwell's 'Chonky' Rescue Cat

Every now and then, local animal shelters have a pet that just stands out. This week, we want to introduce you to Biscuit--who is searching for her forever home. We just cannot get enough of her.

Could you be the next parent to Biscuit? We hope she finds a family to keep her for year and years to come! 

Biscuit has quite the story, according to the West Valley Humane Society. Apparently, she was originally surrendered to the shelter over a year ago due to allergies in the family.  After being adopted out, she was once again returned--and it's only been a year!

Biscuit weighs 24 pounds and West Valley Humane Society hopes that not only will Biscuit find a home to keep her--but a home that will help her shed some of those pounds so that she can live a long and healthy life.

They've dubbed bringing Biscuit home as "Project: Biscuit"--and while she is adorable as a chonky cat, they home whoever adopts her will do so because they love her and not because of her peculiar look. She needs a coach! She is an outgoing and curious cat that is spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped!

Ready for the bonus? West Valley's cat photographer is willing and ready to photograph her entire weight loss journey as well, for free!

Meet Biscuit and other adoptable cats, HERE.

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