If it isn't one thing, it's another on the "Boise internet" these days. Whether it's a funny moment caught on camera or something ridiculous out of a politicians mouth--the internet loves Idaho and we certainly love the internet.

Social media has changed a lot of things but perhaps one of the biggest elements that social media has brought into a different light is crime investigations. Police now have social media, like the rest of us, at their fingertips. One image or video of a crime and authorities can instantly send out a message to the masses asking for help in identifying a person or gathering information. There seems to always be a camera, somewhere, watching.

Nampa Police just this weekend asked for the public's help in identifying someone caught stealing--and the internet has opinions.


Here's a closer look at the rhetoric and reaction online to this stolen plant & pot:

Inside The Internet's Reaction to Nampa Police's 'Pot Search'

A lot of people online had a lot to say about Nampa Police and their investigation into a stolen pot.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Are people more brave online than they would be in person?

As the police department stated "this is theft"--but is this really the largest crime going on in Nampa right now?

We sympathize with the folks who lost their pot and plant. It is clear that this means a lot to them and for anyone to steal it is uncalled for. With over 8,000 Twitter followers and over 60,000 Facebook followers--the reach of the Nampa Police Department online is huge. Often looking for suspects in far more serious cases--many were surprised to see a plant theft make the massive platform. Nonetheless, officers hope to help this member of the community get their plant back.

Meanwhile online, commenters made really bold statements about the individual caught on camera. Frankly, they weren't kind. Let's not forget, folks--they stole a plant. They didn't rob a bank at gunpoint.

Theft is theft, we get it and hope that the plant gets home safely to its owner. We do hope, however, that these online "Community Crime Fighting" efforts can continue in the manner they're meant to, and not turned into some sort of online roast and satire thread. You never know what someone is going through.

Here's a list of folks that police are looking for across the State of Idaho, wanted for much more serious crimes: 

These 20 Crimes Are Still Unsolved in Boise

Can you identify anyone in these photos or surveillance videos? The Boise Police Department is hoping that you can give them a tip leading to more information! Who would have thought that the City of Boise would have so many unsolved crimes!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

Idaho's Most Wanted

When it comes to the most wanted criminals in Idaho, the list according to the Idaho Department Corrections is short. There are a total of nine individuals who made the "Most Wanted" list. Do you recognize any of these fugitives? Some have only been on the run for a few months. Take a good look at the photos below and let your local authorities know if you have absolutely any information.

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM


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