A lot goes into a trial, and in the United States of America--it's an expectation that each trial is held fairly and that all parties are brought forth in front of a judge with an equal opportunity to be represented and heard. With the advancements in how people consume information--so often on their phones--anymore, it seems that the public can follow along with any trial in any corner of the country, in real time. 

One of the most high profile cases on the globe at the moment is one that is being heard in Idaho--the case of Bryan Kohberger, who has been named suspect in a quadruple homicide that shocked the world, just yards away from the University of Idaho campus.

There is a lot to be said about this case and everyone has an opinion.  In fact, with this case it seems that anyone on the internet is an "expert" and many believe there's going to be a need for change of venue, much like there was for Lori Vallow, to even have a fair shot at compiling a jury that can be unbiased.

Just last week, Bryan Kohberger appeared in court as a defendant--surrounding media coverage of the case. While in the courtroom, Kohberger was seen in a suit for the first time--and not in an orange jumper from Latah County Jail. The internet had a heyday...

One woman seems to imply he looked good...


  Others noted that he seemed to have done his hair a little...    


Are crime junkies "glorifying" the suspect?

First, it's important to remember that Kohberger is innocent until proven guilty. Then of course, we must remind ourselves that he, like any of us, is entitled to a fair trial and even as a defendant that is in custody--appearing in an orange jumper can imply guilt to most. Now arraigned, the trial process has begun and the public should anticipate seeing more of Kohberger in a suit--and for now, it won't be orange.

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