Video surfacing online from a Nampa McDonald's has many scratching their heads-- what could possibly be so angering at the home of the Happy Meal?

Apparently, there was a lot to be upset about-- we break down the video, below: 

Total Brawl Breaks Out in Nampa McDonald's

When you think of McDonald's you may think of things like play centers and Happy Meals but at this Nampa McDonald's, a far from normal day took place recently. According to the folks that shared with video with us, some teenagers were causing all sorts of trouble inside of a Nampa Micky D's and it got taken to a whole new level. After viewing the video for yourself, you will find yourself wondering what on earth could have been going on in there, as well.

Someone call WorldStar...

Clear as mud? We don't get the conflict either but there sure are a lot of moving pieces going on here... See the video for yourself, below:

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By the way, this isn't the first time a fight has gained the eyes of thousands online in the Treasure Valley...

Awkward Hospitality Ends Idaho Road Rage Fight

In a strange brawl on the streets of the Treasure Valley, some sort of road rage incident has the internet laughing out loud at how awkward things were brought to a close.

It isn't often that we see much serious road rage here in the Treasure Valley. Perhaps an occasional "flying of the bird" or an explicative yelled--for the most part, the lack of real traffic in Boise and our overall "slower" pace of life keeps everyone calm. This brawl seems to be an exception to the rule, at one point, one of the fighting men says to "go back to Washington". It's the END of the fight that has everyone online LAUGHING...maybe it's just some good old fashioned Idaho Hospitality?

And let's not forget about the time Boise was stuck in the MIDDLE of one, either.. 

Brawl at Fresno State Goes Viral

Fans in Fresno were in a sour mood on Saturday evening. Boise State was in town to take on the Bulldogs and we aren't sure what caused this brawl but the stands were far from calm during all of this!

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