Rockie’s Diner was a local favorite for many years so it came as a shock and disappointment when it was announced that Rockie’s Diner had closed down. When Reddit user u/redheadchlo posted in the r/Boise subreddit, locals were excited to find out that Rockie’s Diner could be opening up again… as a tattoo shop!

Boise reddit users had mixed feelings about the news with u/HiccupMaster commenting: “That seems like an odd thing to convert it too but could be really cool.”

Reddit user u/35Lcrowww hit the nail on the head with their hilarious comment: “Will the tattoo artists skate around on roller skates?”

Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen but until then, we can take a gander at the current state of the classic Rockie’s Diner to try and imagine what a tattoo shop would look like in its place.

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