If folks aren't talking about housing costs or arguing about beer on social media, they're most likely talking about AI. Artificial Intelligence. It's everywhere in 2023.

Well, it's already been everywhere, but in 2023, AI has entered the zeitgeist of the mid-2020's, and it's the hottest topic around the globe right now.

If you've ever used Google, or almost any site on the internet, you're already using AI. It's used to get you instant, accurate search results, to serve you targeted ads, and even to keep evil hackers at bay. AI has been around for decades in technology, we're just so happening to see it all up in our faces at the moment.

There are talks about AI taking over writers jobs during this current writers' strike. AI has already replaced employees who work in all sorts of technology sectors. That leads us to the question...are Boise workers at risk of losing their employment to AI?

Absolutely. Definitely. 100%.

This isn't scare tactics, and I'm certainly no AI "expert." However, a simple trajectory of what has been, what is currently, and what will happen with AI leads us to at least one finite conclusion: Many, many humans' current jobs will be replaced with machine AI in the near future.

That doesn't mean we'll all be unemployed, necessarily. Perhaps we'll all end up with a universal income since AI does all the work for us. Maybe we'll all get free coffee for life since we don't have to work anymore.

Who knows. We just don't want it to end up like The Matrix.


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