It sounds crazy on paper, but this bizarre plan may actually come to fruition.

At first glance, it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. Why would Amazon, a company that ships things to your door in two days or less, want to shack up inside the Boise airport? Space, baby! Well, not outer space. Like, room space.

If you've ever seen an Amazon fulfillment center (there are numerous throughout the country) then you know how enormous they are. Love Amazon or hate them, their universal truth is they require an unprecedented amount of space to function properly. That being said, what about the Boise Airport peaked Amazon's interest?

According to the Idaho Statesmen, Amazon wants to build what they're calling a new "Air Cargo Center" on the airport grounds, to the tune of a 31,000 square foot facility. If your initial thought is "Hold up, won't that cost us, taxpayers, a bunch of money?", fear not. Per Boise Airport's spokesperson Shawna Samuelson:

This project is being paid through airport capitol funds. No taxpayer dollars will be used.

Phew. That's good because we can't order stuff on Amazon if we have no money.

Moving on to more important things, does this mean we can get our cat tongue brush delivered to our gate? Will that Harry Potter tapestry we ordered 27 minutes ago be hand-delivered to us on the tarmac? Also, can Amazon help me find my luggage?

We'll have to wait for some of those answers.

The entire project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2023.

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