Nobody is safe in 2023. If you do/say/sing/wear something that someone on the internet doesn't like, you're going to hear about it. If enough internet trolls agree, then that thing is cancelled.

Meaning, that thing can still exist, but oh boy are you a piece of trash if you still publicly enjoy it or support it.

It's happened to celebrities, journalists, politicians, musicians, you name it. Don't do pretty much anything, or you'll get cancelled in 2023.

Does this mean Christmas as a whole is going to be cancelled in Boise in 2023?


Of course not. That's silly.

Just the fact that you thought someone was angry enough to try and cancel a global holiday, and that they thought their internet power would get it cancelled, tells us everything we need to know about 2023. People are mad, and if you are enjoying something they aren't, they'll be mad about that too.

How about for Christmas this year, we all worry less about the things we hate, and focus on the people we love and are thankful for. If you really really still want that person cancelled, at least wait until the 26th?

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