Cinema Sins, the YouTube channel, which gets millions of views for comically critiquing and awarding "SINS" in movies just finished their Everything Wrong With Thor Ragnarok in 15 Minutes or Less video.

In the hilarious video, the narrator shines a light on many inconsistencies in the box office smash Thor Ragnarock which hit theaters last year and grossed over 315 million domestically. Some of the "sins" referenced having to do with Thor, "the God of Thunder" being incapacitated by lightning several times and how Thanos ship happen to come across Thor's ship at the end of the movie.

But being from Idaho, one sin mainly stuck out to me. When Oden, Thor's father, explains that Asgard was not a place and it never was, the narrator jumps in and asks "like Idaho?" then assigns a sin.

Wait, Idaho is definitely a place. I get the sarcasm but really? Has this guy never heard of Boise State Football? Or beautiful resort towns such as McCall or Sun Valley? Idaho is the fastest growing state in the country, not to mention the number one destination for people leaving California looking for a better quality of life.

You can watch the video below; the "Idaho Sin" is at the 13:43 mark.


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