Idaho's current influx of new citizens is mind-boggling. One day, we're sitting around enjoying a few potato jokes from our relatives who don't live here, and the next thing you know, there's a bajillion people here. If they're not making the line to get coffee twice as long, the traffic will be twice as bad. Or both.

People moving to Idaho in droves is divisive. Some (like this writer) truly enjoy the diversity and different backgrounds and beliefs that come with new neighbors. The "gEt OfF mY lAwN" crowd obviously wants Idaho to stay a hidden gem. Unfortunately, for the latter group, the numbers aren't looking great.

The Idaho Department of Labor is estimating Idaho to be home to over two million people by the year 2031. Which doesn't mean much until you compare it to Idaho's current population.

Let's take a look at which parts of Idaho are expected to grow the fastest:

Idaho's Highest Growth Areas

The Gem State is exploding, and these spots are experiencing the fastest increase in population.

Regardless of how we feel about Idaho's growth spurt, numbers don't lie. Experts are predicting a 12% increase in population in the next ten years in the Gem State. That's a lot of new neighbors!

What's your take? Are you enjoying having a more diverse Idaho, or did you prefer it when you knew all your neighbors by name? Let's connect on Facebook, as we're genuinely curious how people are taking this.

Sure, it's fun to make jokes about Idaho's growth, but it affects a lot of people. Can't wait to hear what you have to say.

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