All Hollows' Eve.


The Season of the Witch.

Spoopy time is here, and that means free candy! But, is there an age where it gets cut off?


Every year in Idaho, we get to hand out tasty treats to neighborhood kids donning their absolute best Halloween costumes. It's a tradition to try and outdo your neighbors by handing out full-sized candy bars, or maybe you're the house that turns off all the lights and hides in your bedroom binging old episodes of Forged In Fire. We don't know how you celebrate.

Anyways, kids run around the neighborhood and get free candy. Usually they're escorted by a parent from house-to-house, or if the kids are old enough, they venture out on their own. But what does Idaho law say about an age limit on kids who are allowed to go Trick Or Treating?

Nothing. At least not that we could find.

But, what do you do if a bunch of college kids who look like they could easily be in their mid-20s show up wearing a t-shirt that says "This is my Halloween costume" and they stand there waiting for candy?

Do you give them each a piece? Do you simply not answer the door? Do you actually open the door then give those damn hooligans some advice on growing up and getting a real job?

In this writer's neighborhood, we've been pretty lucky in that there aren't a lot of older "kids" to push the age limit on Halloween while Trick Or Treating. What's it like in your part of town?

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