There's absolutely no way you've avoided hearing Oliver Anthony's breakout country song "Rich Men North of Richmond." It's everywhere. Whether you listen to country music or not, you've been exposed to it somehow.

Every radio station is talking about. Everyone on social media is talking about it. Morning news. Podcasts. You name it. This song is everywhere.

The question is, what's it about?

Some will say it's a right-wing anthem, railing against politicians in Washington. Others claim it's the anthem of the everyday working man, regardless of your political affiliation. But why isn't anyone asking if this song is specifically about Idaho?

If you look on a map of these United States, you'll find that Idaho is most definitely north of Richmond, Virginia. No matter how you look at it or how you cut it, there are, in fact, rich men north of Richmond who live in Idaho. While Anthony doesn't specifically mention the Gem State by name in his viral song, we can't rule it out just yet.


Jokes aside, what's your take on the song? Do you think it's a rally cry for any certain group, or is Oliver Anthony just mad because we all work hard and we're still broke? Let's connect and get your take.


One celebrity who did give some love recently to Idaho is country superstar Chase Rice. He recently spent some time in our fair state and had nothing but amazing things to say.

We like Chase Rice. Good voice. Handsome. Loves Idaho. 10/10.

Idahoan's React to Chase Rice Enjoying Their State

Yes, Chase Rice spent some quality time in Idaho this past week!

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