Every week or two I end up creating a shopping list of things that I need to purchase for my house. I'm talking everything from oatmeal to lightbulbs. I then have to make a decision, which store do I go to first? Albertson's or Home Depot. How's about Costco - nope that's too much volume and I certainly don't need a 6 months supply of oatmeal at my humble abode since I live alone and most likely that 6 month supply would turn into a years worth of shelve space in my pantry. Walmart to the rescue... Think about it, the Walmart super center is the one stop shop, I can get oatmeal, lightbulbs, and a fishing pole if I need too. I can buy a rug for the living room and a trampoline for the backyard. My point is that Walmart is the go to for many of us and we should be aware that with all the news around the Delta variant the mask policies are changing at some Walmart's.

It makes sense that the nation’s largest retailer and private employer would implement the mask mandate in highly affected areas. At the moment Boise is not one of those areas but do not be surprised if you start to see the Walmart health ambassadors handing out masks at store entrances.

“We continue to watch with deep concern the developments of the pandemic and the spread of variants, especially the delta variant," said Donna Morris, Walmart's chief people officer, in an internal memo. Walmart is being proactive and giving their employees a $150 incentive in their next paycheck if they get vaccinated. 

Here are 50 of your favorite retail chains that no longer exist.

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