It seems like I hear people saying it everyday... "We're living in a different world". From the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 to anti stay at home order protest to the President taking Malaria medication in hopes that he doesn't get COVID-19 we're definitely living in a different world. The latest concern is that America is now running out of thermometers? Let's think about this for a minute, hundreds of thousands of people are returning to work and employers need to make sure that no one walks through the door with a temperature so the demand for thermometers has skyrocketed.

According to CNN , McDonalds, Tyson and Macy's employ more than 100,000 employees each, McDonalds has fourteen thousand stores so that would mean at least 14,000 thermometers for that company alone if they bought one per store which isn't likely. In an interview with CNN...

"Marc Blitstein, CEO of American Diagnostic Corp., one of the nation’s largest thermometer manufacturers, said demand is up 900% for his company’s “non-contact” thermometers"

So at this point I must say hide your wife, hide your kids and your thermometers... Ha


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