When the holidays come around, there are those tried and true traditions that we partake in annually:

  • Decorating the Christmas tree
  • Lighting the menorah
  • Giving presents to friends, family, and loved ones

Those are typical holiday traditions that most of us execute every year in December. Nothing out of the ordinary.

In Idaho, however, there seems to be a new holiday tradition that is definitely putting roots down in some homes across the Gem State. At least, according to AI.

We asked Chat GPT what the next big holiday tradition will be for families in the state of Idaho, and of course it has to do with potatoes:

In a zany Idaho Christmas tradition, families engage in the "Mashed Potato Sculpture Showdown." Each household is tasked with creating the most outrageous and festive mashed potato sculpture imaginable. From snowmen with gravy scarves to potato Santas sporting sour cream beards, creativity knows no bounds.


The mashed masterpieces are proudly displayed on the Christmas dinner table, and a panel of judges (usually family members with a flair for theatrics) rates the sculptures based on originality, presentation, and of course, tastiness. The victorious creator earns the prestigious title of "Potato Picasso" for the year.

That's right. Artificial Intelligence believes that Idahoans will soon begin an annual Christmas tradition of making...potato sculptures.

Ok look. We're not 100% sure programs Chat GPT and gives it all the answers, but why is it every time we give it a prompt about Idaho it always comes back with something potato-related?

It honestly feels like AI is attacking us right now, and we don't like it.

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