Years ago when I moved here from Arizona I was relived when I received my Idaho Power bill. I remember thinking to myself... "This is a pleasant surprise". I was accustomed to having a $250-$350 bill in the summer and in the winter it would go down to about $100. Obviously summers in Arizona are extreme and the tradeoff would be that winters in Idaho can be pretty harsh. Regardless of how cold it's gotten in the winter, I've never paid $350 for one month of electricity in Idaho and that is definitely good news. The bad news is that things may be changing. According to ktvb:

"Idaho Power recently filed for an annual spring cost adjustment with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. The company also filed for a fixed cost adjustment in March."

What exactly does this mean and how will our bill be affected? The ktvb report states "If both are approved, Idaho Power residential customers could see their bill increase by about $2.94 each month starting June 1, 2021."

While the increase is not a huge increase, it's still an increase but there is a silver lining in all of this. According to Idaho Power... "Their residential customers still pay about 20% less than the national average, while rates for business customers are around 30% lower than the national average."

Those figures should put things into perspective for all of us. In my opinion the fact that we pay 20% less than the national average is a win however if you would like to express your thoughts in written form click here to reach the public utilities commission.


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