On a typical year, Father's Day in Boise is usually an outdoor affair. A cookout, a few yard games, maybe even a romp in the pool.

It goes without saying that 2023 is a year with zero rules, and this Sunday for Father's Day isn't going to be the hot affair we're used to.

The average temperature for a June day in Boise, Idaho is right around 84°, with very little (or none at all) rain to add to the forecast. Pretty normal for an Idaho summer, June in the 80s, July in the 90s, and August triple digits. That's not quite how things are shaping up in 2023.

This Sunday, June 18th, for Father's Day in Boise, the highest temperature we're going to reach is 70°, with a decent chance of rain as well. That means a few things. You'll probably want to put out a tent if you're having outdoor activities for dad. The entire family should be packing sweaters, mittens, and earmuffs. Also, don't forget those portable little hand heater things you can keep in your pocket. You may laugh, but those little guys come in handy when you're experiencing a cold snap of only 70° in the City of Trees.

How are you going to get through this Sunday's weather? Are you planning on chopping wood for the fireplace? Investing in some butane heaters? Or just cancelling Father's Day all together because you don't want your weird family to actually go inside your house?

Here's to hoping these frigid circumstances don't usurp Father's Day completely this year. That would suck.


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