I've been waiting for this to happen. With so many fast food chains starting to get in on the plant-based trend, McDonald's is actually late to the game at this point.

But better late than never they say, right? I'm a vegetarian and am loving this trend of plant-based options coming to more and more spots.

McDonald's announced Thursday that it's finally getting into the plant-based burger business. By month's end, the fast-food behemoth will debut the PLT--short for plant, lettuce and tomato burger--in 28 restaurants in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

The AP reports that it will be available for 12 weeks before plans for a broader, more permanent rollout are unveiled.

The PLT is being produced in partnership with Beyond Meat, the chief rival of Impossible Burger, which helped Burger King debut its meatless Impossible Whopper six months ago.

Think McD's will roll it out nationwide after testing it out in Ontario? I hope so! I've tried the Impossible Whopper at Burger King just once, and it wasn't great enough to make me ever want to get it again.

Fingers crossed I'll be able to try the PLT at the Don's soon!

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