We're lucky here in Boise and the greater Treasure Valley area to have a whole lot of really great restaurants. In fact, it seems that there can be so many fun spots to grab a bite to eat, at times, it's nearly overwhelming to choose where that next meal will be! One thing that Boiseseans love is supporting local business and that's just part of the spirit here in the Treasure Valley--it's what keeps the magic in our town--keeping money right here in Boise so that we can all thrive a little bit extra.

That said, it doesn't take long for you to pass a fast food restaurant or 7 on a drive through town. Fast Food is everywhere and that isn't unique to the Treasure Valley--it is a trend that has become normal all across our country. It's so prominent that there's a national day for it: National Fast Food Day...and that happens to be today.

I don't want to speak for everyone when I say this but does anyone ACTUALLY like fast food? Sure, some is better than others but the "convenience", to me, is why most people would pull into one of these places. Believe me, working late nights like I do--I've been guilty of doing this far too often.

Maybe I'm missing something. On National Fast Food Day-- who is getting YOUR vote for the best?

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