While citizens across the country voted in Super Tuesday elections among several participating states, a major vote took place tonight in the City of Boise as well-- and the results came in loud and clear.

We have been talking about this for weeks and now the City Council has spoken. After a unanimous vote was held, a hands-free ordinance has been approved for Boise city limits.

Similar moves have been made elsewhere in Idaho such as in neighboring Ada County city, Meridian, Idaho. While it's illegal to text and drive around Boise, TOUCHING your phone isn't necessarily banned. Now, it is.

While you're operating a motor vehicle, using your phone at all will be banned. Officials encourage you to grab a phone holder for your dash if you use it for map and direction capabilities. Violators of this ordinance will be given a $90 fine plus court fees.

The ordinance goes into effect IMMEDIATELY but tickets will not be issued until July. Boise Police want to have some time to warn and educate drivers of the new law, hence the several month grace period.

Everyone involved hopes that this decision will ultimately save lives and keep our roads safer.


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